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Jim Spellos is passionate about what he does.  Educator.  Geek (just ask him...he loves his Way Cool Tools).   Musician.  Food & wine lover (thanks, Dad, for teaching me to love port at an early age).  

He started his business career as a meeting planner, spending nearly 20 years running conferences for scientific, medical and corporate organizations.  Jim was President of the Greater New York Chapter of Meeting Professionals International, as well as being awarded their Meeting Planner of the Year award in the early 90's.  Spending years on the road running meetings up to 10,000 people large gave him a great opportunity to meet lots of great people, as well as sample the wonderful foods served in the different cities.  

During this time, he also became a geek (not sure when it officially happened, but having a PC put on his desktop by his boss in 1982, and being told to learn it could have had an impact).  During his time as a meeting planner, he began teaching technology applications in the late 80's.  In 1990, he was asked to join the continuing education faculty at New York University.  In 2002, he also joined the undergraduate faculty, teaching hospitality and technology applications at the school.

During this time, he started playing guitar, and spent 5 years as lead guitarist for New York City based Bruce Springsteen tribute band, Local Heroes.  In 2001, he formed a new band, Contraband.  Self proclaimed as the "world's first non-profit rock and roll band", they have been playing together since then...occasionally playing live gigs in New York.  As of late 2006, they are getting ready to go into the studio to release their first CD - all original material written by Jim (and bass player/artist/lyricist Mark LaRiviere).

Jim lives with his best friend and wife of 20 years, Marjorie in New York.  How's she's put up with him over the years, he's still not sure.


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